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Kim Downey…


is the owner of Elevate Your Space. She has over 20 years of experience in working with powerful Feng Shui and decluttering techniques.


She is certified with The Feng Shui School of Chicago and is certified through the International Feng Shui Guild as a Red Ribbon Professional. Kim works with clients across the globe, helping them to identify areas in their home and office that may be holding them back and providing them with a customized plan to create happier and healthier spaces.


Most of her clients are busy professionals who are leveling up in their lives and are looking for their homes to also vibrate at a high energy level. 

She is like a fairy godmother who helps you take areas of your home that feel stagnant and lifeless and turn them into rooms that are full of active and healthy chi.


When she’s not working with her clients, you can find Kim working on her own home’s Feng Shui, in the garden or on a walk to the beach.

Are you ready to elevate your home?
At Elevate Your Space…


I help busy professionals to create homes and offices that feel harmonious and in tune with their internal compass. I spent most of my early 20’s scattered, disorganized and messy. I tried to make it feel like home, but I felt disconnected and quite honestly
pulling into my driveway every day to see a garage pretty packed from floor to ceiling of boxes from previous homes felt exasperating. It became this daily energy drain before I even stepped foot in my house. When I had children and a job teaching, I accumulated more clutter and felt more overwhelmed. It felt never ending and I envied those families that were organized and had systems in place. The more disconnected I felt to my house, the more passionate I became to find a solution. That’s when I stumbled on the art and science of Feng Shui.


I became a Professional Certified Feng Shui Consultant in 2015 through the Feng Shui School of Chicago. In 2020 I earned a “Red Ribbon” designation, awarded by the International Feng Shui Guild distinguishing me as an expert in my field. I taught Preschool and Children’s Yoga during the week and on the weekends I was helping friends and family with Feng Shui and decluttering. The energetic shifts it was creating in all of our lives was beautiful. Clients began to get raises, take trips they were dreaming of and feeling like a dark cloud had been lifted.


As I continued to work on creating my dream life and dream business, I also started to see patterns and a connection between Life Coaching and Feng Shui. Life Coaching focuses on improving your mindset in multiple areas of your life. Feng Shui does the same thing but works with the physical environment to activate chi (life force energy) throughout a space.


Through many years of reworking and improving the energy flow of clients home, I’ve fine-tuned and created a unique system that gets powerful results. Some of my clients say the results feel like magic, a game changer. Combining over 5,000 years of Feng Shui wisdom, Marie Kondo style decluttering techniques, some of my favorite life coaching mindset tools and working with the Law of Attraction, I am offering multiple packages to fit my clients needs.

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