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Kim Downey

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Who is Kim Downey?

Kim Downey is a Feng Shui Advisor and Decluttering Specialist in Chicago’s North Shore area with over 20 years of experience helping clients transform their homes from cluttered and dull to calm and nourishing spaces.
Kim takes you through a beautiful, gentle process of releasing heavy, stuck energy and creating a lifestyle that flows forward with clarity and abundance.

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How does Kim “Elevate Your Space”?

With her unique blend of tapping into over 5,000 years of Feng Shui wisdom, Marie Kondo style decluttering techniques, and powerful mindset and Law of Attraction tools, Kim gets phenomenal results for her clients. She often hears that the results feel like magic, creating a game changer in their lives.

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While the new website is in progress, Kim is ready to service you. Book your Consultation now to tell her all about your home space and energetic goals and gain her insight on how to solve problem areas today.

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Why work with Kim Downey?

Kim is AMAZING!! I met her through our mutual networking connection, WomenBelong. I reached out to her to ask her if she could help me do some Feng Shui on my house...specifically, to help me amp up the Career and Wealth centers in my home. The whole process was fun, easy, and so exciting! Kim was so grounded, loving and compassionate in her process of guiding me through my home.
She really cares about me, the history of my home and how I view my home, and she helped me deepen my love and connection to my home. In our 2-hour session, she gave me loads of guidance, tips, and ways to easily make transformation happen without having to totally redo my home. I've made so many of her recommendations and I feel so much lighter and at ease within my space.
Kim, I can't say how much I appreciate all you did to help me connect with Annabelle! You're the best!

Tamara Lee, Certified Professional Money Coach

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